Find Your “New True Normal” With

The Post-Pandemic Purpose Package

For Underfulfilled Overachievers to (Finally) Find Fulfillment

Create a career and a life you actually love living with my most accessible,
rapid and efficient program for Underfulfilled Overachievers yet.

Get Unstuck for Goodwith This Re-Entry Reboot!

So, you got vaccinated and things are re-opening fast … now what?

Maybe you didn’t love your pre-pandemic situation and the thought of going “back to normal” is anxiety-provoking and misery-making.

2020 happened
and everything
changed …

now what?

Or perhaps you’ve changed over the past year (who hasn’t?!) and that old normal just doesn’t feel like “you” anymore.

Either way, you know you need a new normal, but you don’t want to wind up in just any “new normal” that’s as unfulfilling and exhausting as the old one, just with some better ventilation, more hand-washing and more outdoor restaurants, right?!

What you’re really longing for is your “TRUE normal”— your most authentic, aligned and fulfilling post-pandemic life that actually feels like your life.

Enter The Post-Pandemic Purpose Package: the ultimate guide to finding your “True Normal” — designed specifically for this moment of post-pandemic re-entry.

Clients say…

Megan is like my guide up Mt. Everest, always knowing what I need and reminding me it is all just one step at a time. Megan and [Yoga with] Adriene Mishler have completely transformed my life over the past COVID year and I am forever grateful.

Deanna S.

Megan’s courses gave me a much clearer picture of the kind of work I should be doing, and where I am oriented now in relation to what I want. I’ll definitely be using them as a compass that I come back to again and again.

Meera Innes

Don’t Miss This Re-Entry Opportunity

To Re-Design Your Life

Fast-track your path to Purpose with my Post-Pandemic tools!

The Post-Pandemic Purpose Package includes a workbook, a guided audio experience, daily lessons, actionable exercises, and access to some of my most impactful proprietary frameworks. I’ve condensed my entire methodology for Underfulfilled Overachievers into the most efficient process possible so it can be completed in 2 weeks or less. 

And, yes, these circumstances are indeed “unprecedented,” but this process and my methodology — where Underfulfilled Overachievers transform their careers on the way to transforming their lives — is not. It’s one I’ve been practicing, teaching and testing (and even writing it in a book, coming out in 2023!) for 7 years with 1000+ people. It works, and it’s proven —
just ask AOC 😉

Find Fulfillment (Finally)

with my Post-Pandemic Purpose Package ($68)

Part 01: REFLECT

Reflect on your Pandemic Year with
“The Pandemic Year Reflections” Workbook

  • Meet this transitional moment with a 10-page workbook that guides you in reflecting back on your pandemic year and setting intentions for the life you want to create in re-entry
  • Explore key insights and lessons from the past year, addressing the loss, grief and disappointments, and finally imagining your most aligned post-pandemic future

In this gentle but challenging reflection phase, you’ll be guided through a series of prompts designed to help you process the past year constructively and consciously and create momentum around intentional re-entry. Self-reflection worksheet junkie? This part is made for you.


Articulate Your Fulfilled Future with
“The Looking Ahead Experience” Guided Audio

    • Clear out the fear and uncertainty with a 25-min guided visualization audio experience that connects you to what you really want for yourself in your post-pandemic life


    • Tangibly and concretely visualize what that life that you truly love living looks like with this neuroscience-backed method, so you can actually start building it


Feeling stuck trying to imagine what your “best life” even looks like? This guided audio experience will help you gain clarity around your “True Normal,” with the added benefit of taking you into a deep state of relaxation!

Part 03: RELEASE

Release What’s Holding You Back with the
“Kondo Your Career” 7-day Training

  • Let go of all the crap that isn’t working for you with 7 days of daily training and actionable exercises via email with my “the life-changing magic of tidying up…your life” process, adapted from Marie Kondo’s konmari method
  • Learn to sort and purge your pre-pandemic life by “spring cleaning” your entire life to prepare yourself for the most aligned and authentic re-entry possible

This part gives you the tools and skills to purge the people/places/things/patterns that just aren’t working for you — and you’ll immediately see the results in your life. No more life clutter and career chaos, just joy-sparking alignment.


Activate with 
“The 5 Steps to Transformation” 5-day Training

    • Put it all into action in 5 days & 5 steps, via a daily email, using my proprietary activation framework, casually known as “how to make sh*t real in your life.”


    • Activate your ideas and move the plot forward in your life without frustration, forcing it, or burning yourself out


This is where you’ll get into action: once you’ve established what you want to create for yourself, this part provides the framework and the tools to make it real.

Want out of your “old normal” but
not sure what’s next?

This is the program for you.

Get clarity

on what your particular “best life” actually looks like and take the steps to move towards it right away


all the parts of your life that just don’t feel like you anymore

Exponentially shift

into that fulfilling, aligned, ambitious, authentic, energizing life and career that you know exists for you

Get expert guidance

with my proven, proprietary career transformation methodology


Are you ready to be deeply fulfilled

in your work and your life?

Real talk: this re-entry really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a life you love living — and I mean that sincerely, no hyperbole. This moment is critical: you are going to be creating a “new normal,” whether you like it or not. Make sure you’re consciously and intentionally designing it for your particular brand of fulfillment. Make sure it’s your TRUE normal.

Have Questions

About The Post-Pandemic
Purpose Package?

When does this program begin? How long is it?

The program begins whenever you want and it’s yours for life! No more waiting until an arbitrary start date down the line. It’s a self-directed program, so you get to set your own timeline. In a hurry to re-emerge with your post-pandemic purpose? Feel free to fast-track your process. Kid gets sick, work gets busy, or you MIL finally came out for a visit?! Or, just wanting to really savor the process? Slow it down. It’s totally up to you!

Will I be interacting with Megan directly?

This program is designed to be entirely self-directed, so you have the freedom to practice and explore on your own time rather than live with Megan.

How will I receive my materials?

Everything for this program will be delivered via email. The workbook and guided audio experience will also be included in that first email, so you can get started on parts 1 and 2 right away! You’ll get an email with all the instructions you need immediately after you enroll, so don’t stress!

What’s the investment?

 $68! And TBH, it’s valued at ~$250, but my primary goal with this package was to make it accessible and available to as many people as possible because the opportunity to break the Underfulfilled Overachiever cycle here is just too damn HUGE! I don’t want anyone to miss out because of lack of funds.

What if I’ve already taken the full “WTF Am I Doing with My Life?” Program?

This is an abbreviated101 version of the “WTF Am I Doing with My Life?” Program, so it’s designed for those that haven’t yet delved into my more intensive programs. If you’ve enrolled in WTF School already, you already have access to the fuller, deeper and more comprehensive version of this information.